“The Yard” by Alex Grecian


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“The Yard” is the first book in the “Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad” by Alex Grecian, and I didn’t realise that it was in a series when I first read it years ago, and am happy that it turns out to be a series.

Alex Grecian is a terrific author, and his book “The Yard” drew me in and would not let me go the first time or this time reading it. His book is easy to follow, even with the different points of view, with the different characters, and the different story lines, all of which are connected in some way.

“The Yard” is written in London, 1889, and starts off with a detective being found murdered and the newly placed Detective Inspector Walter Day to find the murderer. Throughout this book you try to figure out who does what, whether they will get caught doing the murder, who’s going to die next, and you become invested in “The Yard” wanting to know what happens next.

“The Yard” is a book that I will never get sick of reading. And cannot wait to start the next book in the series, as well as reading other books by Alex Grecian.

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“Jagger” By Kimber White

636F4997-53DD-4FA9-8970-7515BC027D25Hey Guys,

”Jagger” is the last book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series, which is about Jagger and Rowan. Rowan is a creation from the Chief Alpha, not quite human, not quite shifter.

These two protagonists have a big part in the take down of the Chief Alpha. Because of how Rowan is “created” she is supposed to be dead like the others who were “created” before her, but she has survived, she has become more and vital to the future.

Once the take down happens Rowan goes into a coma, whether she survives that or not I’ll let you find out.

We also learn that Rowan is Jagger’s second fated mate, his first died in the first book of the series, so Jagger has had to overcome his feelings and find a way past his past towards his bright future.

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“Payne” By Kimber White

697BED03-FE9C-4F9E-873B-CD5CC9C26798Hey Guys,

This book of the series “Mammoth Forest Wolves” features two troubled protagonists; Payne and Lena.

Payne used to be with the Pack, and one of the the Chiefs, Ables, top killers. Where as with Lena, she was at Birch Haven, and mated to one of his wolves there, she is also Mac’s sister. But she was a fighter and got her “Alpha” killed.

With the way Lena had been up to that point since escaping from Birch Haven, Mac thinks she would do better away from the caves and from the Pack. So then Payne has to take her across the border and bring some supplies back with him.

Throughout their travels together, they realise who they are to each other and what they are able to overcome together. They both return with a little surprise for everyone, plus an extra surprise involving Able.

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“Gunnar” by Kimber White

05808FE8-2308-4511-86C6-EF53CD1A5E26Hey guys,

”Gunnar” is the third book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series by Kimber White. We are now more than half way this series, with two books left.

Our protagonists in this book are; Gunnar and Jett. Jett is a human who has escaped from Birch Haven, along with 12 other girl, before the wolves got to there to free all of them.

When Jett and Gunnar first meet, Gunnar thinks that Jett may be a trick of his mind, or working for the Chief Pack, whose name we also find out but I’ll leave that a secret for you, because he is being tortured for where his pack is.

Jett helps Gunnar escape and together they join back with her group, then have to decide what happens next, whether they stay with her group or join back with his pack, as well as how they will survive getting where they need to go.

They both get seriously hurt on their journey to where they decide to go, hopefully they get the happy ending that they deserve.

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“Mac” by Kimber White

27C7D39C-D2E3-47BE-93C5-E96301708DBEHey guys,

“Mac” by Kimber White is the second book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series. And you would need to read these books in order otherwise some of what happens wont make sense.

This is my second Kimber White book that I have read and I find her writing to be smooth, continuous, and she doesn’t drone on and drag things out; like a description of a house or a tree.

Like her first book in this series, Kimber shows both sides of the protagonists; Mac and Eve. They first meet while Mac is looking for his sister in Birch Haven, which we found out about in the last book. Mac finds out that Eve is his fated mate and tries to keep hidden and it unknown from the Chief Pack. He then has to help Eve and some of her friend out of Birch Haven when things start to turn sideways on them.

As Mac, Gunnar, and Payne go to rescue the girls, they find the Alpha of all the wolves there and decide to turn the tables on him. Gunnar and Payne then go after the Alpha while Mac goes for his mate.

I’m not going to spoil the ending with whether they live or die, trying to kill the Alpha and escape, that is for you to find out. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, there is a beautiful surprise at the end of the book, and you will want to know how they survive.

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“Liam” by Kimber White

0CE994FA-AC50-41EA-A303-DB05D53391DFHey guys,
So I recently read the book “Liam” which is the first book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series. The author of this series is Kimber White.

I found this to be a good book to read, not boring, not to fast paced, everything flowed together smoothly. Kimber writes in both Liam’s and Molly’s views, which shows how each are feeling with Liam being a wolf and Molly a human. It also shows the connection that they have and how they feel each other, how Liam feels the other wolves in his little “pack” and the evil Chief Pack.

All the wolves in their little “pack” have to go through a massive heartbreak when Molly gets betrayed by someone she believes that she can trust, and when one of the “pack” does not make it through this betrayal.

This book shows that both the protagonist (Liam and Molly) may have had a hard life to get where they are, but they have overcome it and have moved on together. They have bettered themselves from what they came from, and wont stop just because something is difficult and going to make life way more difficult then what it already is. It might be easier if everyone just gave up when things got tough but then we wouldn’t be achieving anything, becoming anything.

“Success is not the absence of failure; it is the persistence through failure” Aisha Tyler

Amethyst xoxo

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