“Liam” by Kimber White

0CE994FA-AC50-41EA-A303-DB05D53391DFHey guys,
So I recently read the book “Liam” which is the first book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series. The author of this series is Kimber White.

I found this to be a good book to read, not boring, not to fast paced, everything flowed together smoothly. Kimber writes in both Liam’s and Molly’s views, which shows how each are feeling with Liam being a wolf and Molly a human. It also shows the connection that they have and how they feel each other, how Liam feels the other wolves in his little “pack” and the evil Chief Pack.

All the wolves in their little “pack” have to go through a massive heartbreak when Molly gets betrayed by someone she believes that she can trust, and when one of the “pack” does not make it through this betrayal.

This book shows that both the protagonist (Liam and Molly) may have had a hard life to get where they are, but they have overcome it and have moved on together. They have bettered themselves from what they came from, and wont stop just because something is difficult and going to make life way more difficult then what it already is. It might be easier if everyone just gave up when things got tough but then we wouldn’t be achieving anything, becoming anything.

“Success is not the absence of failure; it is the persistence through failure” Aisha Tyler

Amethyst xoxo

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