“Mac” by Kimber White

27C7D39C-D2E3-47BE-93C5-E96301708DBEHey guys,

“Mac” by Kimber White is the second book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series. And you would need to read these books in order otherwise some of what happens wont make sense.

This is my second Kimber White book that I have read and I find her writing to be smooth, continuous, and she doesn’t drone on and drag things out; like a description of a house or a tree.

Like her first book in this series, Kimber shows both sides of the protagonists; Mac and Eve. They first meet while Mac is looking for his sister in Birch Haven, which we found out about in the last book. Mac finds out that Eve is his fated mate and tries to keep hidden and it unknown from the Chief Pack. He then has to help Eve and some of her friend out of Birch Haven when things start to turn sideways on them.

As Mac, Gunnar, and Payne go to rescue the girls, they find the Alpha of all the wolves there and decide to turn the tables on him. Gunnar and Payne then go after the Alpha while Mac goes for his mate.

I’m not going to spoil the ending with whether they live or die, trying to kill the Alpha and escape, that is for you to find out. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, there is a beautiful surprise at the end of the book, and you will want to know how they survive.

Until next time,

Amethyst xoxo

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