“Gunnar” by Kimber White

05808FE8-2308-4511-86C6-EF53CD1A5E26Hey guys,

”Gunnar” is the third book in the “Mammoth Forest Wolves” series by Kimber White. We are now more than half way this series, with two books left.

Our protagonists in this book are; Gunnar and Jett. Jett is a human who has escaped from Birch Haven, along with 12 other girl, before the wolves got to there to free all of them.

When Jett and Gunnar first meet, Gunnar thinks that Jett may be a trick of his mind, or working for the Chief Pack, whose name we also find out but I’ll leave that a secret for you, because he is being tortured for where his pack is.

Jett helps Gunnar escape and together they join back with her group, then have to decide what happens next, whether they stay with her group or join back with his pack, as well as how they will survive getting where they need to go.

They both get seriously hurt on their journey to where they decide to go, hopefully they get the happy ending that they deserve.

Until next time,

Amethyst xoxo

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