“Payne” By Kimber White

697BED03-FE9C-4F9E-873B-CD5CC9C26798Hey Guys,

This book of the series “Mammoth Forest Wolves” features two troubled protagonists; Payne and Lena.

Payne used to be with the Pack, and one of the the Chiefs, Ables, top killers. Where as with Lena, she was at Birch Haven, and mated to one of his wolves there, she is also Mac’s sister. But she was a fighter and got her “Alpha” killed.

With the way Lena had been up to that point since escaping from Birch Haven, Mac thinks she would do better away from the caves and from the Pack. So then Payne has to take her across the border and bring some supplies back with him.

Throughout their travels together, they realise who they are to each other and what they are able to overcome together. They both return with a little surprise for everyone, plus an extra surprise involving Able.

Until next time,

Amethyst xoxo

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