“The Yard” by Alex Grecian


Hey guys,

“The Yard” is the first book in the “Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad” by Alex Grecian, and I didn’t realise that it was in a series when I first read it years ago, and am happy that it turns out to be a series.

Alex Grecian is a terrific author, and his book “The Yard” drew me in and would not let me go the first time or this time reading it. His book is easy to follow, even with the different points of view, with the different characters, and the different story lines, all of which are connected in some way.

“The Yard” is written in London, 1889, and starts off with a detective being found murdered and the newly placed Detective Inspector Walter Day to find the murderer. Throughout this book you try to figure out who does what, whether they will get caught doing the murder, who’s going to die next, and you become invested in “The Yard” wanting to know what happens next.

“The Yard” is a book that I will never get sick of reading. And cannot wait to start the next book in the series, as well as reading other books by Alex Grecian.

Until next time,

Amethyst xoxo

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